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  • Is Your Job Killing Your Game?

    The most commonly reported golf injuries involve the lower back, and many blame the golf swing. The truth is that having an improper “S-posture” on the tee is an indication of posture issues from earlier in the day. A Czech Republic therapist named Vladamir Janda was the first person to recognize what is called Lower Crossed Syndrome or in golf, S-Posture. This muscle imbalance is caused by the combination of weak and tight muscles and is often caused by sitting for long periods of time. This syndrome is a contributing factor to many major swing flaws and injury. Here is how it works: when your muscles are inactive for a long period of time they become weaker and shorter, ....

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  • Golf Movements for a better swing

    It may look like retired PGA tour pro Arron Oberholtzer is practicing a line dance for a wedding; but this poorly choreographed exercise is actually one of the best ways to teach your body how to turn from the ground up. Standing on 1-foot turn forward.Standing on one-foot turn back. Now, try iton the other leg. In the picture Arron is standing on his left foot at address. The second picture has Arron turning to his right; this simulates a backswing to his left leg. The third picture Aaron is turning through the ball or to his left simulating a follow through. The same can be said when standing on the right leg. I use this exercise as part of the assessment process ....

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  • WATER and your GOLF game

    Do you loose strokes as your round progresses? Do you make unforced errors on the back nine? Do you get punchy and irritable? These are all symptoms of not drinking enough water during your round. Golf is hard enough when everything is perfect, so take care of all of the things you have control of. Drinking enough water is part of a long list of things that professional golfers do to ensure they play their best. They start hydrated, they finish hydrated.(there is a reason the PGA puts in Porta-potty's every two holes) The average golfer in Arizona loses 6 pounds during the course of their round. This is enough water loss to ....

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  • Top Diet Advice from Sport Nutritionists

    There is plenty advice on the internet centering around nutrition and it is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information. In this article we are going look at the diet tips given by three professional nutritionists from three different sports. These men and women feed some of the biggest teams and athletes in the world and have shared their wisdom to help you improve your diet. Golf
    Cathy Williamson wrote the ultimate golf meal plan for Reader’s Digest Canada . She suggests that although golf may look like a sport that requires less focus on nutrition, and she stresses, “if you don’t pay attention to fuel and hydration, your game will suffer.” In her ....

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  • Golf Tip Of The Month

    A sentence spoken to me by my golf mentor, Peter Kostis, many years ago and it still holds true today. Good golfers use the ground and all of their body to create a full effortless turn where all of their body contributes equally to the swing. A fantastic observation was made a few years ago by a trainer named Mike Boyle. He saw that humans are built on altering mobile and stable joints. Let me explain, let’s take the knee. It is a stable joint; it moves in one plane, forward and back. Above the knee you have the hip, and below you have the ankle joint. Both of these joints are mobile joints, and they move in multiple planes. So most of our turn comes from the mobile joints in our ....

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  • On starting.

    On starting. There comes this magical moment when we realize we need to take real action if we want to make change. We have to conjure up determination, willpower, and diligence in order to alter our habits. Most times, all it takes is a change in perspective, some additional knowledge, and some attention. But once you’re there; once you’ve reached that point when you are ready to go; ready to begin your fitness routine, the question becomes: Where do I start? For many people, starting at the gym is difficult. The mere realization of not being able to move one’s body in the same old ways, causes feelings of shame, discomfort, and sadness - making the journey of physical fitness even ....

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  • Reaching Goals Healhfully

    In this day and age, we have so much knowledge at our finger tips at any given moment. The amount of information that we now have about the human body and how it operates is so vastly expanded from what it was 10 years ago that it's impossibly hard to imagine not knowing what we now know. This explosion of human bodily wisdom has caused us to change the way we think about fitness. Instead of only focusing on strength or bodily aesthetics, we now take a more holistic approach to how we train the body - we take into account nutrition, stress levels, sleeping patterns, fluid intake, chemical intake, as well as the emotional and mental blocks that keep us from attaining optimized physical ....

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  • Supplementing For Wellness

    "Wellness" is a broad term. It encompasses how you feel on the day-to-day - physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Achieving 'wellness' implies that you emanate an overall feeling of good health and contentment - your body feels good, you are emotionally stable, you are mentally calm, and you are energetically aligned with a higher part of your Self that puts a little spring in your step. For many of us, "wellness" is a lifetime goal; a puzzle of sorts - whose pieces we are constantly collecting and putting into place. As a Wellness Specialist here at Method Athlete, I have spent over a decade studying the many components that the concept of 'wellness' comprises. The ....

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  • The Road To Augusta with Paul Casey

    Paul Casey is a veteran member of the Method Athlete family. Here at Method, PC blends in with everyone else - he comes in, works hard, and leaves with a smile on his face. What's the difference between him and everyone else? Paul Casey is one of the best golf players on the planet. Going into The Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia this week, Damon and Paul kept their training focus on mobility through the feet, hips, and back with the goal of perfecting Paul's ability to turn through the ball. It was a great week of training comprised of fine tuning movement patterns that are already near perfect. Today was the first day of tournament play and at the end of the first round, PC ....

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  • Protien Iced Coffee Receipe

    Protein is an essential part of any diet, especially when you are training hard and need to recover. One great way to work a little extra protein into your daily routine is by using your favorite protein powder as a creamer in your coffee. You can also add a small amount of cinnamon for extra flavor and sweetness, as well as helping regulate blood sugar, working as an anti-inflammatory and many other benefits. Throw some ice in it to help cool you off in this 90 degree weather and take pride in knowing you are making small healthy changes to lead a better life! ....

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