WATER and your GOLF game

WATER and your GOLF game

Do you loose strokes as your round progresses? Do you make unforced errors on the back nine?  Doyou get punchy and irritable? These are all symptoms of not drinking enough water during your round.  

Golf ishard enough when everything is perfect, so take care of all of the things you have control of.  Drinking enough water ispart of a long list of things that professional golfers do to ensure they play their best. They start hydrated, they finish hydrated.(there is a reason the PGA puts in Porta-potty's every two holes) 

The average golfer in Arizona loses 6 pounds during the course of their round.  This is enough water loss to affect multiple systems in your body.  Muscles are less efficient at firing leaving you weaker. Or your muscles can't turn off, creating painful cramps. Slower and less forceful muscle contractions will play havoc with your swing sequencing and decrease your distance. 

The brain, let's just say doesn't do its best work in a dehydrated environment either. A brain lacking hydration just does not make the same decisions as one that is fully hydrated, period. Your decision to go for the green, instead of a safe punch out will end upcosting you those three extra strokes, misjudging your distances, or not thinking about your shot as you stand over the ball.

In the professional world of golf we are trying to shave off a quarter shot a round that is the difference between a missed cut and playing the weekend.  An amateur golfer who comes to the course dehydrated, then doesn't drink enough while playing will end up losing SEVERAL shots per round.Lack of water is a more significant problem than you'd think; don’t just give those shots away!  

Do you know if you drink enough during your round?  Try this for a clearer picture.Weigh yourself in all of your golf clothes before you go out and play. Then when you get done with your round, weigh yourself again to see if you have lost any weight during the round. If you loose less than two pounds then you are doing about as well as a professional golfer.  Anything more than two pounds then you are not playing your best.....Now go play your best.

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