On starting.

On starting.

On starting.

There comes this magical moment when we realize we need to take real action if we want to make change. We have to conjure up determination, willpower, and diligence in order to alter our habits. Most times, all it takes is a change in perspective, some additional knowledge, and some attention. But once you’re there; once you’ve reached that point when you are ready to go; ready to begin your fitness routine, the question becomes: Where do I start?

For many people, starting at the gym is difficult. The mere realization of not being able to move one’s body in the same old ways, causes feelings of shame, discomfort, and sadness - making the journey of physical fitness even more challenging.

The good news is: overcoming this obstacle is easy when you have a plan. And our class, Mobility . Stability . Strength, is exactly that plan.

In order to start a fitness routine at a Foundational Level*, it’s smartest to know the exercises designed to give you full range of motion in your joints, healthy muscle fiber, core strength, and balance. It is important that you learn why your body is sore and tight in specific places. And it is vital that you understand your personal limitations when you begin strength training in the gym.

This 6 week, 2X per week, class will be offered starting on August 15th until September 22nd, at an introductory rate of $150.00 (Regular Price: $275 + Equipment Cost*). You will not only have your own tools to use at home, at your gym, or when you travel, you will learn how to properly use them to change the way you feel in your body. This is an entry-level class for individuals at a Foundational Level**. There is limited space available in this class so registration is required***.

We know that you feel inspired to get started. Now you know where to start.


*various pieces of inexpensive equipment are required of the class participants, as regular practice of the moves learned in class will be required.

**i.e. after/during injury, when experiencing pain and soreness, while experiencing low-range of motion, and after going 6+ months with no exercise.

***only 12 spaces available.



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