Supplementing For Wellness

Supplementing For Wellness

"Wellness" is a broad term. It encompasses how you feel on the day-to-day - physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Achieving 'wellness' implies that you emanate an overall feeling of good health and contentment - your body feels good, you are emotionally stable, you are mentally calm, and you are energetically aligned with a higher part of your Self that puts a little spring in your step. For many of us, "wellness" is a lifetime goal; a puzzle of sorts - whose pieces we are constantly collecting and putting into place.

As a Wellness Specialist here at Method Athlete, I have spent over a decade studying the many components that the concept of 'wellness' comprises. The physiological elements of muscular balance, good posture, and good digestion. The psychological components of attachment, constant distraction, and the effects of an endlessly busy mind. And most recently the human energy system and how this quantum minicosm is directly related to our emotions, habits, and subconscious programming. After all of my studies and delving into this conceptual abyss of 'Wellness', what I have learned has the greatest effect on our overall wellness is how we choose to fuel our bodies - what we choose to put into and onto our body each and everyday.

This month I completed my yearly Spring cleanse which includes daily juicing of organic, alkaline vegetables and fruits as well as food combining and overall perfectly clean eating. This year, in addition to my cleanse, I decided to add daily supplements to my regime. In the past I have been weary of supplementing my diet because of a lack of trust for an industry that continually endorses and sells supplements containing harmful chemicals like pesticides and lead. While I understand that supplementation is crucial for wellness, I have no tolerance for knowingly putting harmful substances into my body.

When I discovered Shaklee products earlier this year I knew it was a company with integrity - one that I could confidently put into my body and suggest to others. I became a member immediately! I began using the Women's Vitalizer pack this month in coordination with my cleanse. I must report that I feel incredibly well. The Vitalizer Pack contains all of your body's daily needs - Folic Acid, Caroto-E-Omega, B + C Complexes, and a Probiotic - in the most complete form available on the market. Shaklee's products are clean, natural, and tested thoroughly.

I highly suggest that you consider adding some high quality supplementation to your daily regimine. I can feel a distinctive difference in my energy levels, in my mood,  and in my skin! 

Whether you're already a part of the Method Athlete family or have yet to step through the door, I invite you to come in for a free Wellness Consultation with me. Learn more about what you need in order to feel more energized and to acquire some additional pieces to this puzzle we call 'Wellness'.

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