Top Diet Advice from Sport Nutritionists

There is plenty advice on the internet centering around nutrition and it is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information. In this article we are going look at the diet tips given by three professional nutritionists from three different sports. These men and women feed some of the biggest teams and athletes in the world and have shared their wisdom to help you improve your diet.


Cathy Williamson wrote the ultimate golf meal plan for Reader’s Digest Canada. She suggests that although golf may look like a sport that requires less focus on nutrition, and she stresses, “if you don’t pay attention to fuel and hydration, your game will suffer.” In her third point she emphasizes the importance of hydration before playing as “even if you’re a little dehydrated, your brain literally slows down.” Unlike other sports where it is obvious that you are dehydrated the pace of golf means that it can catch you unawares. She also notes the importance of giving your body the right fuel to recover after a round and recommends eating some protein to repair your muscles. 


An Olympic athlete is at the pinnacle of health and fitness when they compete. In order to perform on the world stage at the highest level they need to pay great attention to their diet. Dan Benardot, PhD, RD, director of the Laboratory for Elite Athlete Performance at Georgia State University told Fitness Magazine that skipping breakfast is a big mistake. Benardot oversees the nutrition program for some US athletes and believes that “one of the biggest mistakes an athlete can make is heading out for a run in the morning without eating anything first.” He explains that the body needs a carb-laden meal such as a bagel or toast 30-40 minutes before exercising to raise blood sugar levels. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and an athlete cannot afford to make early mistakes that will affect their performance for the rest of the day. 


Fresh ingredients are the most import part of an athlete’s diet, according to Mona Nemmer – nutritionist for UK soccer team Liverpool. Speaking to The New York Times she said “we have a focus on real food, to keep natural nutrition as high as possible.” The paper reports that her eye for detail means that everything has to be made onsite including the sauces and dressings that accompany the meals. She has also installed a juicing station in the player’s changing room so the players can refuel after a match. Nemmer was appointed in the summer of 2016 and her nutrition plan has clearly helped the team, with journalist Luke Moore calling Liverpool “the country’s most swashbuckling attacking outfit,” in one of his regular columns for Premier League website Betfair.

It is clear that in order to perform at the top of your chosen sport diet needs to play a huge role. Hopefully these tips from some of the world’s top nutritionists have given you some idea of how to approach your nutrition plan. If you heed their advice you too can reach your fitness goals.

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