Become A Method Athlete With This Program Dedicated To Improving Your Golf Performance And Reducing Your Stress & Strokes

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Method Athlete Golf Performance Training

Before and Afters were taken same day in one session

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Do you want a longer drive?
  • Are you looking to improve your swing?
  • Do you want to improve your consistency?
  • Do you want to increase your flexibility?
  • Do you want be able to reduce the pain that affects your game?

Even golfing naturals have to spend time perfecting their technique and they continue to practice. But what often gets overlooked by your regular golfer is that your overall fitness is key.

You Can DRAMATICALLY Improve Your Game By Focusing On Improving Your Body And Your Overall Fitness

Method Athlete Golf Performance

You see, what few hackers ever realize (but you now KNOW) is that ‘golf specific fitness’ helps you to define your problem areas and then helps you perfect your technique faster than you ever thought possible. Which is exactly what pro golfers do…

And it’s precisely why pro tour golfers like Paul Casey, Arron Oberholser, and 25+ other LPGA and PGA tour players trust us with their golf performance needs…

Method Athlete Understands The Science Behind Golf

Method Athlete Golf Performance

Method Athlete will scientifically break down your swing and teach you how working out will change and improve your game from day 1. Just like Method Athlete has done for tour pros and avid weekend golfers, every week for the past 20 years…

Method Athlete Professionals can help you overcome core issues like:

  • Lack of flexibility
  • Lack of strength
  • Lack of power
  • Lack of stamina
  • Constant pain or re-occurring injury

Train Where The Pros Train And Become A Method Athlete

Method Athlete Golf Performance Training

Method Athlete is trusted by over 30 LPGA and PGA tour professionals for providing complete golf conditioning and performance training.

The Pro's Choose Method Athlete & So Should You!

Method Athlete Golf Performance Training

Method Athlete is the leader in golf fitness because it significantly improves every nuance of your game. For example, when looking at your swing, Method Athlete can help you improve these common swing faults caused by weakness, tightness, and muscle imbalances:

  • 1. S-Posture
  • 2. C-Posture
  • 3. Loss Of Posture
  • 4. Flat Shoulder Plane
  • 5. Early Extension
  • 6. Over The Top
  • 7. Sway
  • 8. Slide
  • 9. Reverse Spine Angle
  • 10. Hanging Back
  • 11. Casting/Early Release
  • 12. Chicken Winging

    Learn How You Can Make Dramatic Changes In Your Golf Game!

    Method Athlete Golf Performance Training

    We will help you greatly improve your driving distance while reducing your potential for injury by making huge gains in every area, including strength, conditioning, flexibility, stability, nutrition, and regeneration. We can break down your swing into separate parts, making sure to focus on each area that is needing improvement; so you can work on your golf swing without worrying about the ball and you can begin to make real changes. The Method Athlete specialized training program focuses on:

    • Golf-specific exercises and stretches that increase your flexibility and strength
    • Embedding proper motor learning to correct swing faults created by the body’s physical limitations
    • Dramatically improves your overall fitness, stamina and focus
    • Movement analysis
    • Personalized programming and hands on training
    • Increasing club head speed
    • Developing pain free play

    PGA Tour players like Arron Oberholser choose Method Athlete, and so should you!

    Method Athlete Golf Performance Training

    Method athlete utilizes and employs the methods, tactics, and strategies from both TPI and Nike NG360 to help clients develop better velocity and control which will take an average game and fine tune it in record time...

    The fact is... your game might already be great but your body is holding you back! And these analytics will soon tell you!

    TPI Golf Fitness Analytics Finds Your Specific Deficits:

  • Mobility (range of motion + flexibility)
  • Stability (balance + strength + muscular endurance)
  • Sliding, swaying, scooping, and coming “over the top”                                                   
  • Thoracic, pelvic, wrist, shoulder, ankle and hip mobility
  • Core strength, balance, and posture

    Are You Ready To Become A Better Golfer?

    Method Athlete Golf Performance Training

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