The Road To Augusta with Paul Casey

The Road To Augusta with Paul Casey

Paul Casey is a veteran member of the Method Athlete family. Here at Method, PC blends in with everyone else - he comes in, works hard, and leaves with a smile on his face. What's the difference between him and everyone else? Paul Casey is one of the best golf players on the planet.

Going into The Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia this week, Damon and Paul kept their training focus on mobility through the feet, hips, and back with the goal of perfecting Paul's ability to turn through the ball. It was a great week of training comprised of fine tuning movement patterns that are already near perfect.

Today was the first day of tournament play and at the end of the first round, PC is near the top of the leaderboard. Everyone here are Method is thrilled to see him succeed!

We're all rooting for you, Paul! Keep it up. Bring home that infamous Green Jacket!

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