Goals and Grit: Paula Casey Passed FitRanX Level 7 and Still Won’t Stop

For today’s post, I’m excited to highlight a client who has been a real inspiration to me. Paula Casey started taking an Adventure Boot Camp that I was teaching at Cochise Elementary School three years ago. When she first came to the program, she had an admirable goal: She wanted to be in better shape because her kids were starting to have kids and she wanted to be healthy for them. After Paula started Adventure Boot Camp, she dropped 50 pounds in just six months.  

What has impressed me the most about Paula is how driven she is. She thrives off of challenges and goals, and never stops pushing herself. After she successfully lost weight and felt more confident in herself, she started training for her first marathon. She had doubts about whether or not she’d able to complete it, but her daughter-in-law encouraged her through the training and sure enough, Paula completed her first marathon. Since then, she has also finished a second 

Never one to be complacent, Paula set additional goals for herself in the FitRanX program. She started by learning new exercises that are standard in the program and we saw her excel. As she passed each level, the next level became a new challenge that required time for her to practice and gain strength and stamina. Well six months ago, Paula made her first attempt at passing Level 7, which is a tough test! You have to be in great shape and strong to pass it. Paula failed on the pull-up portion of the test, but this just motivated her to work on improving in this area. On September 12th, she tried again. Paula crushed the Level 7 test and is now among an elite group of people that have been able to hit that milestone. At age 59, this accomplishment is even more incredible. 

The thing that Paula tells me she likes most about the program is how anybody can participate,no matter your fitness level, age or gender.  It gives you endless goals to reach toward and you get the benefit of being able to see – and measure – the results of your hard work. Now that she has dominated the Level 7 test, I would love to see her train for the Level 8. This would put her in an even more highly elite group of fitness achievers.  

Congratulations to Paula on her achievements! She is a real inspiration to me and she has inspired FitRanX participants around the world. Way to go Paula!

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