Is Ginkgo Bilbao good for your memory

It comes from one of the oldest trees in the world.
If you know anything about Ginkgo Bilbao, you may have heard it's often promoted as a memory enhancer.
But does it really help your memory? Not according to Dr. Mehmet Oz of Oprah fame.
He also says it doesn't help improve your intelligence or prevent Alzheimer disease (although he concedes that it may slow it down a bit.) It's not to say that Ginkgo Bilbao has no use.  Far from it.
What Ginkgo Bilbao does do, according to Dr. Oz, is increase the blood supply to your vital organs which could definitely play a role in improving your libido. Plus it's good for macular degeneration of the eyes by increasing the blood supply to pigments in the back of your eye that often deteriorate.  It's also an antioxidant that battles away at "the oxidization that happens when the light hits your eyes."
In addition, if you suffer from vertigo, Ginkgo Bilbao has been known to help with that too although they have yet to figure out why. So while still good, if you're taking it to help your memory, Ginkgo Bilbao is acting as a placebo only.

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