Time to Gear Up FitRanX Testing is Around the Corner

Time to Gear Up FitRanX Testing is Around the Corner

Hey Method Athletes! We are so excited to announce that we will be holding FitRanX testing in about a month. After Mike, Chris and I went to Vegas and learned some more valuable information about the FitRanx program, we’re upping the ante with our testing this time around! Here’s what you need to know… The date for testing will beSaturday, September 12th and the location is none other than our very own gym. You will be receiving a personal invitation to come out and test with us, so keep an eye out for your invite! In Vegas, we learned tips on how to improve testing, make it more motivating and focus it on overall community building. So you’re going to see some great things this time! We expect to have endless energy from all participants, and look forward to getting everybody involved. We know testing is hard, but it’s also worth it. What is progress, if you have no way to truly track it? So prepare to take part, and prepare to WIN – whatever that means for you as an individual. Let’s all get on board and get stoked to push past our own limits and grow to new heights! And as always, any questions about FitRanX testing can be directed to me, Mike or Chris. 

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