Are you eating unsafe potatoes

Are you eating unsafe potatoes

“I’ve talked with potato growers who say point-blank they would never eat the potatoes they sell. They have separate plots where they grow potatoes for themselves without all the chemicals.”
This is a quote from Jeff Moyer, former chair of the National Organic Standards Board.

According to the website "What's on my food?" the USDA Pesticide Data program found a total of 37 residues in potatoes.
The residues effecting human health were as follows:
7 known or probable carcinogens
12 suspected hormone disruptors
9 neurotoxins
6 development or reproductive toxins
On his television show Dr. Oz sent out both a conventional potato and an organically grown potato to be tested for pesticides.  The conventional potato had ten times the toxicity of the organically grown one.
According to pediatrician Alan Greene, you can't get rid of these pesticides simply by washing or peeling the potato.  The pesticides are within the very structure of the potato.  Dr. Greene says they consistent consumption could lead to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and developmental delays in children.
That's because before the potato is even planted the soil is treated with insecticides to kill wireworms.  Then more pesticides are applied when the young potatoes are covered with dirt.  Before harvesting even more herbicides are applied.  And even more are applied after they are dug up to prevent them from sprouting.

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