Your Week- November Member Of The Month!


Congrat's to Kim Glass! A total inspiration and member we're super proud to have in the MA family for four years now!! Go Kim- Love ya!!

 Where did you grow up? All over - GA, Newfounland, NM, CA, NM - Father was in the Military, Born in Savannah, GA When did you become a member at Method Athlete? November 5, 2010 What do you do when you are not at Method? (Occupation, hobbies, etc.) Contracting Officer for the National Park Service, golf,  travel How did you find out about Method Athlete? Researched for PT on-line.  Mark Norton was my second interview searching for the right fit and the rest is history When did you realize Method Athlete was right for you?  During my initial consultation with Mark Norton. What is your favorite workout movement and why?  Squats - Anything for the thighs! What is your least favorite workout movement and why? Burpees,  difficult! What is one thing you have done at Method that you never thought you would do?  100 Jump ropes without stopping (along with a number of other things) What motivates you during a Method workout?  With the excellent trainer staff and fitness knowledge support that is provided during my workouts.  I continue to get stronger, lose excess body fat, increased stamina, & have more lots more energy and self confidence. What advice would you give to someone just getting started with Method?  Don’t look at what everyone else is doing; use the pace your trainer selects for you.  You’ll be amazed you can do what they are doing in no time!  Just don’t think about it! Fill in the Blanks (one word) I like - Food I eat- Everything I do- Workouts I am- Motivated I will- Survive  

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