How to Conquer Your Brain While Working Out

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Can you imagine how much easier working out would be if your brain would just shut up and stop telling you that you can’t do it? Physical activity may wear your body out, but it really is easy when you compare it to the psychological struggle that we all go through when working out. Take weightlifting for example. Yes, you CAN do one more set, but your brain is telling you that have to stop immediately. This is called a self-imposed limitation, and it has no place in our fitness center in Scottsdale. The following is a guide on how to shut your brain up and move past your self-imposed limitations while working out:

  • Adjust your goals- If you feel like you just can’t reach your goal of running two miles a day, make your new goal four miles. You may or may not reach your new goal right away, but you will definitely overcome your original goal in the process. When you set low goals for yourself, you are already admitting that you don’t think you are good enough. Set your goals high! 
  • Consider your peers- If you are the most advanced in your peer group, you have no where to go but down. Surround yourself with a group of people that will challenge you and better you.
  • Cover up the timer- Do you find yourself counting the seconds when you are on the treadmill? It is all too easy to get tied up in the amount of time that you are running instead of actually listening to your body. Try covering up the clock, cranking up the music, and letting your body guide the way. If you are being honest with the way that your body is actually feeling, chances are, you can go farther than you thought possible.

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