Your Week- Take a Break

tumblr_n90fscFkkC1s79rl8o1_1280 So much of our life is based on structure and discipline and that's all great and necessary, but...  Sometimes we need to pause and just get off the hamster wheel. You work hard in your career or business. You work hard with your family life and friends and you work hard on your personal goals.   Now and then you need to think about giving yourself or your life and loved ones a little break from the norm.

  • Eat and enjoy something off the health grid.
  • Skip the gym or your boot camp class, sleep in and then play hooky. Have an alone day doing whatever you want! (catching that movie YOU wanted to see,  a museum exhibit, spa time, shopping, gardening, napping)
  • Spend time at home and clean/organize and then donate to a thrift store? De-cluttering feels soooo good!
  • Spend your normal work out time with a non-gym friend and enjoy a long walk and some much needed catching up.
  • Skip the computer or smartphone and spend the entire day disconnected.
Whatever it is that will give you or the people you love a fun break? Don't bother with stupid guilt and give yourself a pass! Have a great week!              

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