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yoga With Summer in full swing everyone's doing their best to get away and find some time for travel and relaxation. Going on vacation can sometimes derail our fitness programs and/or sabotage a lot of hard-earned progress.  If you plan and take the time to research options at your destination, you don't have to sacrifice your fitness needs and goals and can actually boost your regime by trying something new!

  • Find a fitness-friendly hotel: These days it's pretty standard for a hotel to have a gym, but some are going even further with their fitness offerings. A simple review of the hotel's website can tell you if it offers any fitness classes. Some resorts also offer site-specific activities like paddle boarding, guided walks, or surfing. If you're with people who aren't looking to work out while on vacation, make sure to book early and take the hotel's beach yoga class or local hike.
  • Check out the nearby area for fitness fun: Location is key. Maybe you're staying by a nearby trail for cycling, running, or hiking, or a fitness studio that is within walking distance of where you are. Definitely make sure to take advantage of your surroundings.
  • Book activities that inspire you to move: Part of going on vacation is taking in all of the sights. Renting bikes, roller blades or taking a walking tour of wherever you're at. Seeking out active things to do like skiing, snorkeling, or surfing will be so fun you won't even notice you're working out.
  Where are you headed this Summer and what fitness adventures await you? Happy Travels!!!

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