Connie: A Personal Trainer In AZ That Teaches High-Intensity Interval Training

From Monday to Friday from 12pm to 1pm, you can come on in and take some group training courses lead by Connie Barnes. Connie has two decades of experience teaching a broad range of group fitness classes. One of their courses involves High Intensity Interval Training, which utilizes optimal efforts to push a person to their maximum level of fatigue. This push to find someone's maximum level of fatigue is what Connie does best! So if you're looking for an ambitious Personal Trainer in AZ, we will always recommend this fantastic woman! When it comes to pushing yourself to the max, you need fat burning methods that will have a high efficacy level. It's all about quick burst exercises and maximum efforts, while always adhering to safety first. Interval training is exactly what it sounds like, which is having a short amount of time between each workout. This will create muscle confusion and will also help push your body into a phase that it will have to adjust to, which typically creates better muscle and tone. Connie, a highly intelligent personal trainer in AZ, knows that strengthening a client's core through strength training and agility exercises works the fastest. She also employs the use of a broad range of fitness equipment in her classes, which is a total hit! After just one session with her, your body will be burning and your jaw will be dropped to the floor, in good ways! You can feel free to give us a call with any concerns!

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