Damon Shelton Certified NG360° Nike Golf Performance Specialist

You never stop learning, even when you're the instructor. To be a leader in the golf performance industry, you have to stay on top of your game. Method Athlete Founder and CEO, Damon Shelton is doing just that. Having recently earned his certification as an NG360° Nike Golf Performance Specialist, Damon continues to exercise his passion for the study of human movement and how it relates to athletic performance.

NG360° Functional Performance System (FPS), Powered by Gray Institute, is a component of NG360° designed to assess the function of the human body and implement golf-specific training to enhance the individual's deficiencies. A game-changing partnership between Nike Golf and the Gray Institute, NG360° FPS transforms human potential into human performance by creating an environment that will inspire and enable the golfer to achieve their athletic potential.

NG360° FPS is a holistic approach and scientific process of analysis and training that enhances the athleticism and performance of golfers at all skill levels through physical evaluation and training, custom fitting of equipment and digital tracking applications. Effective and efficient analysis leads to effective and efficient training, preparing your body specifically for your golf game. Better Yourself to Better Your Game.

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