Golf Training Program for Fitness

Everyone wants to know Tiger Woods’ golf training program for fitness. To be in top form, the super successful Woods exercises in ways that forces his body to move in much the same way his body would move during a perfectly executed hole-in-one or at least throughout a well-timed eagle. A person new to a golf training program for fitness would be wise to incorporate into it Woods’ tournament winning regimen. Moreover, a novice golfer hoping to avoid injury during training should familiarize himself with how chiropractic medicine can help him avoid the pitfalls of golf’s number one myth. What exactly do you need to know? When people say that golf takes mostly mental skill, they are either attempting to denigrate the game as less of a sport than other sports or trying to place golf on a pedestal above other athletics. Neither interpretation is correct-- the idea that golf is a game of only mental prowess and not also of athletic ability is a potentially dangerous misconception. The kind of stress on a golfer’s back from a disciplined and repetitive swinging a nine iron is as strenuous as a short stop’s swing of a baseball bat or a quarterback’s snap of a football. During a golf training program for fitness a new golfer should learn how to attain:

  • Proper flexibility
  • Core body strength
  • Correct posture
  • Firm balance
If a golfer does not take into consideration these components during their golf training program for fitness, she/he can send discs out of place, causing joints in the spine to become misaligned. The repeated swing of a golf club, even when done properly, is also a strain on joints of the arms, back, knees and shoulders. Preventing the worst Because of its preventative as well as a rehabilitative effect in cases of injury, a golfer should consider chiropractic care just as vital to his golf training program for fitness as he regards proper nutrition and exercise. Golfers should take a new look at their local chiropractic doctors. Chiropractic offices now manage a patient’s overall healthcare as well as joint care. Chiropractic medicine focuses on the spinal joints, the same joints that see the most activity in the corkscrew twist of a golfer’s back during game play. A player’s nervous system can take a violent hit due to a knocked-out-of-place joint, leading to crippled posture as well as off-kilter balance. So, golfers, amateur and pro, could benefit by making chiropractic medicine as a necessary part of any type of golf training program for fitness.

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