Exercises and Workouts for Golf Fitness

Because many people would not consider golf to be a sport that could require more exertion than basketball or football, most would see no reason to do exercises and workouts for golf fitness. But beginning golfers who believe that golf is in some way less of a sport than other games will be in for an aching surprise. People who walk the green and complete 18 holes in a regular golf game for the first time tend to earn a body suffering from something like a larger scale version of carpal tunnel syndrome, the pain a person gets in their wrist from doing the same motion repeatedly for long periods of time. The more you do… If a new golfer does not commit to doing exercises and workouts for golf fitness and some supplementary tactics, the corkscrew motion of her/his back during a golf swing could have long-lasting ill effects. People who prepare their bodies for the little-acknowledged rigors of golf can spare themselves much pain. Some exercises and workouts for golf fitness include but are not limited to:

  • Stretches - Increased flexibility enhances the range your body can overall put into a golf swing. A good golf swing does not reside only in the arms of a golfer.
  • Posture - To avoid back spasms and joint pain, a new golfer should always practice straight, square-shouldered posture on every swing. It takes only one golf swing while in bad form to keep a golfer of the green for weeks on end.
  • Core strength training - Good exercises and workouts for golf fitness focus intensely on upper body strength. The distance a golfer puts on a ball begins with the strength that golfer has in her/his torso, not just in his arms. The arms are just the extension of the power one has in the turn of his torso during a well done golf swing.
Taking care of your muscles and body Also, good chiropractic care is a must. During exercises and workouts for golf fitness as well as throughout a full 18 holes of golf, a golfer who takes every precaution and is in the best form possible can sometimes use maintenance on her/his joints and discs. Chiropractic medicine acts as a preventative, rehabilitative as well as overall soothing agent to the golfer’s body that has been well worked by the exercises and workouts for golf fitness as well as the game itself. With conventional joint care and innovative offerings of vitamin B12 shots and hyperbaric therapy as well as exercises and workouts for golf fitness, a new golfer can be well on his way to the elusive hole-in-one.

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