Strength and Conditioning to Improve Golf

Golf is a rewarding physical chess game on grass when done right and a frustrating strain on the back when done wrong. Probably because golf has always been considered to be the leisurely game of the famous and rich, people would not think that a person has to put forth effort and have strength and conditioning to improve golf play. But golf is, in fact, one of the most taxing sports on the back because of the repetitive motion of the golf swing. In the beginning A beginning golfer has to remember that he has to improve her/his strength and conditioning to improve golf play, not just buy the latest gadgets. When done poorly, a golf swing can be extremely taxing on a player’s back, but not on the back that is trained to withstand rigorous twists and turns. Therefore, some golfers may be interested to know that yoga and Pilates are beneficial to golf play because of the contortions and resistant exercises necessary to the exercises. Other strategies to enhance strength and conditioning to improve to golf play include:

  • Cardio - This has to be part of the exercises for strength and conditioning to improve to golf play Gets the heart rate going and gives you stamina for an entire eighteen holes of golf.
  • Aerobics - Helps you to learn to regulate your breathing as well as shave off pounds that could hinder the golf swing.
  • Dumbbell exercises - One-arm curls are better than major weight training because that can take away from flexibility. These are good for giving a golfer power in her/his arms although most of a golfer’s power should come for the core of the body, hence the yoga and Pilates.
  • Good Posture - To avoid injury to the spine, a golfer has to observe proper technique every time he plays or practices. During exercises for strength and conditioning to improve golf play, the golfer should work both sides of his body equally so as not to cause a muscle imbalance, which can lead to spinal disc problems.
What if you’re injured? In case of injury, a golfer should visit a clinic like Tikey Chiropractic in Scottsdale, Arizona. With vitamin B12 shots, instant cholesterol and glucose testing along with physicians trained to monitor the sometimes extreme weight loss due to new sport play and training, Tikey Chiropractic is a clinic that goes far beyond the usual joint care only reputation chiropractors have. Exercises for strength and conditioning to improve golf, along with proper chiropractic care, should to become better at the demanding game of golf.

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