Strength and Conditioning for Golf

There are many reasons why you should willingly undertake a course of fitness involving strength and conditioning for golf. Consider a golf swing. It is not a simple action. It is complex and even physically stressful. It is necessary to strengthen and condition your body to both produce and withstand the physical and mental demands required for mighty drives. Why you need to prepare Preparing your body correctly can produce stability and improved coordination, flexibility and endurance. All these desirable qualities can be built up if you approach the game of golf as a sport and not a recreational pastime. Any sport involves improving various areas of the skeletal and muscular structure to produce the necessary results. In golf, strengthening the body and conditioning it is one aspect of making your body fit and your game better. Improving and conditioning the body involves undertaking a fitness plan incorporating various interrelated body parts. Proper strength and conditioning for golf involves working on legs, hips, back, shoulders and arms. These are the core elements of the body - the trunk. Too, often, they are seen as separate parts, but they are really one unit. It is a unit that must work together to accomplish a goal. Exercising these components helps the golf swing to flow out of a coordinated body motion as one body action or reaction emerges from its interaction with another. The result is an efficient and even synchronized motion. How to reach your goals To reach this goal of seamless integration, it is necessary to combine exercise involving stretching for flexibility, lifting for strength and control, and cardiovascular work for endurance. The exercises will help you develop an interdependence of muscles and joints. This will decrease a tendency to rely too much on joints when swinging or positioning your body. It will, therefore, create a stronger and interdependent physical mass capable of handling more intense strain and stress. This is all part of the intent for training in terms of physical strength and conditioning for golf. The effortless mating of body parts also decreases the possibility of injury and reduces stress on the body and mind. The body spine is able to maintain a set posture without fatigue setting in. You can, therefore, hold your position through all your swings on any day. Your body has been conditioned to undertake the various tasks set it. Your attention paid to basic body trunk strength and flexibility, will ensure a precise coordination of your body before, during and after whatever swing you plan to make. Strengthening and conditioning your trunk means your spine will improve its posture and be less susceptible to injuries and fatigue. Moreover, the type of strength and conditioning for golf you achieve is not a process lasting only a moment. It will not fade away from tiredness after a few holes. Improved muscular endurance and greater flexibility combined with increased strength prevents break downs from fatigue. Fatigue is a major factor in many faulty plays on the golf course. Your body can slump from tiredness. You can lose your balance. Your timing may be off. The process undertaken for strength and conditioning for golf provides increased endurance. It also helps to prevent fatigue-related injuries. Adequate flexibility and proper strength training, including balance training, will contribute to a more balanced swing. In the end correct strength and conditioning for golf games helps you improve your score, by increasing your endurance and improving all aspects of your physicality. Such training helps promote a well-tuned, coordinated and efficient golf swing. It reduces the possibility of injury and provides –you with greater confidence to play the game as it should be played.

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