I’m 81 Years Old and My Next Goal Is To Shoot A Few Baskets With My Grandniece!

I met Mark about 14 months ago when my first trainer relocated to another state. He suggested I contact Mark to continue my work outs. The chemistry worked. At the time I was beginning to try to improve my mobility, strength and flexibility. In prior years I had back surgery and several other surgeries including a collapsed lung. The most recent was a double knee replacement. Both knees were done at the same time. My mantra became “no more surgeries or hospitals.” My sister also works out with Mark, but he is not a one size fits all trainer. He evaluated my situation and began a program of exercises. If I had trouble doing an exercise he found another way for me to strengthen a targeted muscle group. My progress was slow and steady. He was extremely patient and took great care that I did the exercise correctly. Eventually, I began to gain confidence and my balance improved and it no longer took me ten minutes to walk from the parking lot to the gym. My workouts have become more intense. I can now do squats, lunges, sit ups, balance, step ups. When I started I could not do any of those exercises. I sweat a lot I have lost 48 pounds and lost 5 dress sizes. My commitment to my workouts has also become more intense. I feel so much better and move with full confidence. My biggest improvement is walking. I walk taller and no longer look at the ground because I am afraid of tripping. I join my sister walking our two terriers and take them to the dog park. I spend less time in the lounge chair and more time in participating in every day activities. I can keep up with my grand niece when we go to the mall. Believe me that is accomplishment. And it feels great. Mark, I’ve come a long way and still have a way to go. But without exaggeration, I believe I would have been at least using a walker and at most might have been in a wheel chair if I had not been working out with you. Thank you. Mark, this old lady isn’t finished yet. I’m 81 years old and my next goal is to shoot a few baskets with my grandniece. Confessions of a Couch Potato’s Sister, Fran McVey

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