Your Week - Challenge Yourself

challenge   Sometimes our workouts and routines start to get a little too easy. It's going to happen. You're working hard, getting stronger and building more stamina. Don't stay in that easy place- Ramp it up!!!

You Can DO It—Your Action Plan

1. Change pace. Circuit training, a killer combination of cardio and strength training, can help break the monotony of a long workout. Run five minutes, then drop and do some push-ups. Wash, rinse, repeat. 2. Break it down. Set mini-goals when the going gets tough. This isn’t a three-mile run— just six measly half-mile runs. 3. Have a purpose. Running in circles with no goal in sight? There’s nothing motivating about that. Having something to run for (think, fitting into those skinny jeans or lowering blood pressure) can be a necessary kick in the butt [1]. 4. Hone in. When strength training, focus on the specific muscle targeted by each exercise. This can help maintain proper form, and remember, each lift will bring you one rep closer to that goal. 5. Put it in the bank. Think of time in the gym as deposits into the fitness bank. After saving up, cash out on a special treat (like new kicks or workout gear). 6. Count it out. When counting reps up from one, it’s more natural to push out one or two extra. On the other hand, some people push harder when it feels like a real countdown—try both to see what works best. 7. Compete. Whether comparing against the dude on the next treadmill over or your own time last training session, competition ups the ante and helps us forget about wanting to quit. 8. Remember the end. That post-workout high? Yeah, almost there. The struggle of that final set won’t last—and when the workout’s over, it’ll be replaced by a much better feeling: pride. Push, push, PUSH!!!!!!

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