Powerful Group Fitness in Scottsdale

When you start to yearn to be active and healthy, but can’t find the motivation to do it, it’s clearly the time to dedicate yourself to group fitness in Scottsdale. This is the best possible way to involve yourself in something that will show off your love for your health and without judgement from others. Everyone within our classes is supportive of each other, as it is sort of an unwritten stipulation. We all must be positive together and we all must push each other to succeed through positive reinforcement. We have Power Interval Training Classes that are a new selection of our group programs and they are very popular!

Within our Power Interval Training Classes, there are many attributes to fitness that are included:

  • The simplicity of basic workouts, from pushups to sit ups to mountain climbers

  • Specific athletic challenges of all sorts and all kinds

  • The collaboration of challenges (cardiovascular, core, strength, and agility)

  • The combination of challenges (cardiovascular, strength, core, and agility)

  • A repetition of moves that provide the participants with continual excitement

  • A motivated leader that will push you to strive with the rest of the class

  • A large variety of fitness levels, from all walks of life

  • They will show you amazing results that are quantifiable

  • Each session will fly by because they are extremely fun

  • Each session will involve multiple forms and levels of exercising

  • The 55 minutes that each one takes will seem like it’s 5 minutes, as they are that fun

  • Everything is high intensity and will help increase your metabolic rates
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