Your Week - Motivation Top 5

motivation Method fitness   Everybody, no matter how fit or how dedicated has days or moments where they don't feel like working out or finishing a particularly tough circuit. It happens. So how do you shake it off, regain your focus and get back in the game ? Below are 5 tips for snapping out of that black hole and digging in harder - making it count to the end! 1 – Get your workout over with - Before any commitments, work out either in the early morning before school or immediately after school. Write it down in your calendar because if your workout is not in your schedule - it does not exist. 2 – Understanding Fitness – Once you understand that fitness, flexibility, speed, agility, strength and power are all components of performing at your best, it is easier to stay motivated to work out and build the foundation needed to prevent injuries and stay in the game. 3 – Performance Cue – Create buzz words before, during and after your workouts that pump you up to perform at your best. This sports psychology tool is used by profession athletes every day. Some ideas are:  "Game on", "Let's Roll", "compete", "gonna-be", "work hard". Remember one of the best athletic performances you have ever had – give it a name and get yourself back into that moment. 4 – Change it up – Don't do the same old workout week after week. One you will get bored with it and two your body will stop responding to it as before. Change up the workout by adding weights, calisthenics, new exercises, new cardio options over 2-3 weeks. 5 – Have a workout partner - YOU have to be motivated and when you are motivated to workout you lead by example to your partner. One day he/she will do it for you when you need it the most.  

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