We hope that your Holiday season was great and that New Year's was a fun way to reflect on the year and get ready for the New Year.  Every year at this time you can find tons of tips on how to keep your New Years Resolutions.  Every fitness magazine and fitness celebrity is telling you the 8 steps to a successful 2014.  The one thing that all of the lists have is attainable and measurable goals.  We’ve found that the absolute best way to reach a fitness goal is to shoot for an event like running a marathon or competing in a transformation contest.  The best thing about these events is that the dates are set and there is a standard that you are training for.  For example,  if you sign up for a marathon you know that you will have to run 26.2 miles or you will be judged on weight loss in a competition.
You have to plan and schedule your time to train for that event and before you know it, training becomes part of your lifestyle until that event is over.  Then you need to find a different event to plan for.
If this sounds like fun, our FitRanX program is the perfect program because there is always a new level to test for and always a set goal that needs to be trained for in order for you to improve.  It also gives you a support system that is rooting for your success with the community that shares the same goals.
We can’t wait to see all of you advancing through the FitRanX levels this year.  Some other things that we are excited for this year are:
  • New Method Athlete Website
  • Producing Bi-monthly video blogs answering your questions about fitness
  • Producing an awesome weekly newsletter packed with fun, relevant information
  • Starting the Method Athlete Monthly Magazine
  • Our various Charity events
These are some of the exciting improvements coming to Method Athlete!  I will revel more details in upcoming Newsletters!

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