Prep Your Way to Clean Eating

Preparation is essential for a healthy lifestyle

Mindy O'Brien 09/06/2013
Words we often hear:   "I don't have time to prep all the food I need for clean eating."    Add in "I am very busy and I need something that's easy."    Reaching a fitness goal, whether you are losing, gaining or maintaining won't be easy.  If it was easy, everyone would be fit.  It takes determination, work and motivation.  This includes the nutrition side of a healthy lifestyle.
You have to be self motivated to change your eating habits,  someone to be accountable to  and be determined to stick to your plan (that includes preparing your meals).
Think about this:  If you have a fire, you don't want to let the fire burn completely out before you add more wood.  You want to keep the fire steady by adding wood periodically.  There are factors that determine how fast the wood burns and how often you should add to it.  The same theory applies to your body!  Your body functions better when you keep your food intake steady rather than using all of the fuel and waiting hours to replenish.  By adopting this way of eating and actually changes  the way you see food forever, you will stop the fad diets and there will be no room for the junk food that was filling your body before.
Now, make this easy you say.   It can be.  You have to prepare in order to be successful.   Prep your meals for the week, pre- portion and you will never be caught without the right food.
Tips on how to make this easy:
Purchase plastic containers (at least 30)
On top of the stove, have a pot with eggs, a pot with brown rice/quinoa and a pan for browning ground turkey or lean ground beef
While these are cooking, bake chicken or fish in the oven
While your brown rice or quinoa is finishing and everything else is cooling, begin chopping vegetables for snacks and washing all fruit.
Fill your snack containers, then make the lunch containers and store in the refrigerator.
[caption id="attachment_5358" align="aligncenter" width="300"]prep food for clean eating Photo courtesy of Patty Wilson, Method Athlete Trainer[/caption]
This doesn't have to take a lot of time.  One hour to one and half hours should be the max time it takes to prep for the week.  This isn't long when you consider that you will get at least 4 meals a day from this preparation.
What are you waiting for?  Start making your list.
Need some quick snacks on the go...try our Six Pack Snacks!  They are healthy, clean and approved and enjoyed by  Method Athlete trainers.
Stay tuned for our next post that will include great snack choices!

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