Body Balance Challenge 2013 Winners

We're proud to announce the winners of the Method Athlete Body Balance Challenge! The winning challengers rose to the top because they were incredibly consistent with their fitness programs and used the tools we provided to reach their goals. They excelled in all areas to earn the most points and exemplified what it takes to be successful with health and fitness. Please join us in congratulating the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge!

1st Place

Carmen Cavolo

$500 Cash Prize

Carmen Before & After 2
Watch Carmen's testimonial by clicking on the images above or click HERE.

2nd Place

Phil Cameron

$350 Cash Prize


3rd Place

Gail Cameron

$150 Cash Prize


Most Improved

Jaylynn Jury

$50 Gift Card


Most Inspiring

Anita Gotcher

$50 Gift Card

Anita Before & After
Watch Anita's testimonial by clicking on the images above or click HERE.
Stay tuned for more inspirational stories and testimonials from our Body Balance Challengers on our social media pages and at Great job everyone, keep up the hard work and get ready for your next challenge!

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