Method Athlete Celebrates One Year Anniversary with Substantial Growth and Client Results

Method Athlete, a training and fitness facility that combines proven methodology with practical, expert training, celebrates its one year anniversary this month. Founded in June 2011, Method Athlete has achieved enormous success in its first year of business. Growing the company to nine in-house trainers, Method Athlete provides programs that combine nutrition, training, massage and physical therapy to deliver a 360 degree health and performance plan to its clients. Method Athlete also specializes in golf fitness training. The customized golf training is focused on golf-specific exercises that address overall fitness and correct swing faults to improve any individual’s golf game. “What Damon and Method Athlete has been able to achieve with their clients is nothing short of sensational,” said Peter Kostis, CBS announcer and world-renowned golf instructor. “They don’t teach fitness, they teach performance and conditioning. They turn every client’s weaknesses into strengths and understand that training programs are not one size fits all.” Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Method Athlete has increased its client base by providing one-on-one training, as well as giving its clients the opportunity to participate in group programs such as custom-designed boot camp, golf fitness and team training classes. In the past year, Method has trained more than 500 clients. In addition, Shelton and his team have trained eight professional athletes including Paul Casey, Brice Molder, Jimin Kang and Miller Barber. “When I decided to start Method Athlete, I set out to provide an atmosphere where anyone from the average person next door to a professional athlete can get a full understanding of their performance ability,” said Damon Shelton, Method Athlete CEO and Founder. “It takes a change in mindset to understand that fitness is more than how much weight you can lift. It is a complex equation of nutrition, exercise and performance. We help our clients to set goals and learn how to achieve them. I couldn’t be happier with our first year, and I look forward to many more.” About Method Athlete Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Method Athlete combines proven methodology with unmatched experience to help each and every client achieve their fitness and performance goals. Taking fitness beyond the gym, Method Athlete equips its clients with an all-encompassing health and performance plan that achieves results from the inside out. Method Athlete also provides custom golf fitness training. For more information on Method Athlete and the programs they provide, please visit

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