Fitness and Workouts Specific to Tennis

Fitness and workouts specific to tennis tend to be one of the most effective means to get fit when mainly aerobic exercises are involved, but that is not necessarily true for everyone. It is essential that a tennis player condition her/his body before engaging in hard court play to avoid injury. Through various types of fitness and workouts specific to tennis, a player can gain a toned body, better flexibility and longer endurance. What you might think now Many people associate a tennis player with having a thin, lithe body. But fitness and workouts specific to tennis can include weight lifting that leads to serious muscle building. The result is extreme sprinting power as well as a more potent serve and firmer grip on a racquet’s handle. In addition, weight lifting can correct physical imbalances in the body like a lack of strength on the left side of a right-handed person’s body. Furthermore, cardio is a great stamina-building exercise to gain fast reaction time Also, stretching is as important above weightlifting and cardio in fitness and workouts specific to tennis in order to keep a player limber during game play, so as to prevent injury. What about injuries? Injuries like tennis elbow and rotator tendonitis result when a player overextends her/his body beyond its conditioning. Anything can contribute to an injury from a lack of flexibility in a player’s back to a player using a too large racquet. Furthermore, many experts advise that as a part of fitness and workouts specific to tennis, drills where a player serve balls over and over again are good but that jogging and bicycling are better. A player will get much tennis playing practice during the game itself, so he conditioning should not involve too much movement in the style of tennis play because in time it can cause overextension or over use of a muscle, resulting in injury. To prevent injury as well to ensure his/her body is at its most receptive to different ways of moving and new modes of exertion, a new tennis player should also seek chiropractic care. Chiropractors are unlike many other profession physicians in that they provide measures that can be preventative, not only rehabilitative. Vitamin B12 shots, instant cholesterol and glucose testing and physicians trained to monitor the sometimes extreme loss of weight due to new participation in a sport. Fitness and workouts specific to tennis, along with proper chiropractic care, should be a must for a person beginning the fun and healthy game of tennis.

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