Tennis Conditioning Techniques

Tennis conditioning techniques are useless to a body that is so inflexible that its maximum range of motion cannot be reached. For a beginning tennis player, stretching and warm-ups have to be essential to successful and injury-free tennis play. Key tennis conditioning techniques have to focus on strengthening the body as well as keeping its joints and muscles limber. What the experts are saying Many highly regarded tennis associations suggest the following tennis conditioning techniques for a beginning tennis player:

  • Sprinting - A player must practice running because it is such an integral part of tennis. Conditioning the body to run will build stamina and endurance. The first twenty to sixty yards is where the player should try to increase his speed.
  • Resistant training - If a player can endure racing uphill, then no ball is safe on the tennis court. Sprinting power can be increased by doing this challenging exercise along with others that builds leg and thigh muscle.
  • Stretching - The beginning middle and end of the tennis conditioning techniques a player uses should focus on increasing flexibility. For instance, a player can stretch while doing movements similar to those done during an actual tennis game, like an ace of a serve or a far reaching back hand.
Don’t weight another minute In addition, weight-training can be useful but not the type that a professional weight trainer would do. Arm curls with dumbbells along with exercises like the plank-where the athlete lies on the floor and lifts his entire body using her/his forearms- are good for strengthening the core of the body. And a beginning tennis player should make sure to exercise his muscles equally so as not to have one set stronger than the other. This can cause an imbalance that can hinder coordination and cause joint and spine injury. Since tennis conditioning techniques require such rigorous movement of the body's joints all at once, good chiropractic care is in order. Many people believe that you only see chiropractor after the damage has been done, but this is far from the truth. In fact, chiropractic can provide the upkeep and joint adjustments to prevent injury. Proper conditioning techniques for tennis can help you take your game from ‘having fun’ to ‘winning matches.’ And while you’re probably just in it for the fitness, why not win from time to time?

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