Tennis Conditioning

Tennis conditioning is an integral part of any system designed to help you excel in the sport. Conditioning is another word for training. Its intent is to help improve various parts of your physical and mental being to withstand the repeated onslaught of a normal tennis game. It should be adapted to your present physical condition. It should also recognize what level of play you are currently at and where you wish to go. The more you do… The physical and mental demands on professional tennis players require a sophisticated and integrated multidimensional training program. They have to condition themselves to survive on a very elite circuit. You may not be in this lofty realm. As a beginner, your specific needs are not as intense. They are, however, as complex. In order to play well, you require an integrated and inclusive program directed towards preparing the various physical and mental aspects of your body. Usually, what is prescribed is an all-around program working on both strength and flexibility. Both elements are required to play tennis successfully. Conditioning helps you to handle the basic demands and builds up your ability to handle them in repetition. Proper tennis conditioning ensures these basic demands specifically address the expectations of your sport and your personal needs. They should also consider your body type. What to work on Working on such motor skills as strength, power, speed and reaction, as well as mental concentration and a highly evolved neuromuscular coordinating ability, is essential. A group of German researchers found improvement in these areas to be strongly correlated to performance in a tournament. They also noted the need for conditioning. It is tennis conditioning that helps you overcome the enemy of even the best tennis player – fatigue. Running several times a week will help condition your body to the time spent on a court. It improves your heart and lungs, conditioning them to the stress, increasing their stamina. Conditioning your cardiovascular system in this, or any other way, relieves you of fatigue. This, however, will not be sufficient in tennis conditioning for the game overall, unless this is the only area you need to improve on. Another thing to consider Work on your flexibility and strength. Tennis conditioning involves repetition of weight training including core muscles. Do not consider yourself a body builder. This is not what tennis conditioning is all about. Focus only on those muscles required to get the job done. In order to perform well, you have to have the body and mind of a tennis player. Conditioning will provide it, but only if you adopt a tennis-specific program.

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