Exercises for Golf Fitness

Exercises for golf fitness can have a healing effect on a back ache and joint pain as well as prepare your body to prevent further aches and injuries. With many exercises for golf fitness, you can not only improve your golf game, but also your overall fitness. Benefits for you Some of the advantages of exercises for golf fitness include:

  • More energy for 18 holes - Having the vigor to keep pressing forward in a whole game of golf is a great confident booster, adding to the quality of a golfer’s game play.
  • Weight loss - Carrying less weight on her/his spine will prevent a golfer from injuring her/his back of during the corkscrew motion a golf swing.
  • Elimination of injuries - Through exercise, a golfer can be strong throughout his core and lower back because his body can withstand the force of a proper golf swing.
  • Improved concentration due to less fatigue - Exercise will condition a golfer for long periods of uninterrupted game play, thus keeping him less tired by that ninth hole and beyond.
What else you can do Exercises for golf fitness that strengthen calf, hamstring and hip muscle can take strain off of the back and joints. Furthermore, these exercises can be done during an actual game to supplement exercises for golf fitness:
  • When lifting your golf bag, bend your knees and lift using your legs not your back.
  • Always warm-up with a few minutes of aerobic activity, such as brisk walking.
  • Stretching the muscles in your back, abdomen, and shoulders before your game.
  • Use clubs that are the correct length, so you don't have to bend or overextend your back.
Chiropractic care works? To further maintain joint and back health, a golfer should couple his exercises for golf fitness with good chiropractic care. Because of its preventative as well as a rehabilitative effect in cases of injury, golfers should take a second look at their local chiropractic doctors. Chiropractic offices now manage a patient’s overall healthcare as well as joint care. Easing joint and back pain is something a chiropractor can easily do, but preventing pain is the main goal. Exercise combined with good chiropractic care can give a golfer to be his best in the game and in heath.

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