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An expert in fitness golf generally subscribes to the concept that less is more. For example, many articles from these experts suggest doing only lunges with dumbbells as the only equipment. They promise that it will give a golfer’s swing speed and power. Many an expert in fitness golf also favor doing good old fashioned drills and practice rather than using the latest golf gadget to improve your game. What you will gain Some of the advantages of exercises for golf fitness as suggested by an expert in fitness golf include:

  • More energy for 18 holes - Having the vigor to keep pressing forward in a whole game of golf is a great confident booster, adding to the quality of a golfer’s game play.
  • Weight loss - Carrying less on her/his spine will prevent a golfer from injuring her/his back of during the corkscrew motion a golf swing.
  • Elimination of injuries- Through exercise, a golfer can be strong throughout his core and lower back because his body can withstand the force of a proper golf swing.
  • Improved Concentration due to less fatigue - Exercise will condition a golfer for long periods of uninterrupted game play, thus keeping him less tired by that ninth hole and beyond.
Om-ing for golf? An expert in fitness golf may also focus on yoga and its benefits. Many agree that yoga can help a golfer in the areas of hip flexibility, posture, and torso rotation. It can improve coordination as well. Other experts also cite the relaxing nature of yoga as an asset to a golfer during a game because it can place him in a more focused and clear state of mind. And if you’re trying to sink that final putt for a birdie, you need a clear mind. There’s more you can do Any expert in fitness golf would advise that a golfer seek chiropractic care because of its preventative as well as a rehabilitative effect. Golfers should take a new look at their local chiropractic doctors as well. They can help a player become less prone to injury. Any one looking to get fit or better his golf game would be wise to seek good chiropractic care as well as expert in fitness golf tips.

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