I Hear His Voice “You Can Do It!”

I am a male in my late fifties and have been a member of numerous gyms, all of which I have quit after a short period. My quiting usually happened because I injured myself in one way or another. I have various ailments not the least of which is a bad back. I have worked with mark for one year on a continuous basis, rarely missing a session. During this time my back has never felt as good for this long a period. Mark has taken great pains to tailor my workouts to benefit me. We often vary the routine to keep up interest. It is also very clear that Mark is well versed in the newest methods of training. It is clear that my need come first and that I feel secure in his hands. If I ever hesitate or feel discomfort Mark does not push that exercise. It should be pointed out that Mark does push the client and that is one of the great benefits of working with a personal trainer. The fact that I will be compared to last weeks effort makes me go on the days that I am not working with him. When I am working with myself, I often keep him in my head and just when I am getting tired I hear his voice “you can do it”, or “add 10 pounds”! For a healthy workout one need encouragement. Mark is fun to work with. He is very personable and responsible. I recommend Mark Norton, without reservation, to anyone who wishes to have a great personal trainer. Stephen Ehre

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