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I am forty year old female who has been teaching fitness classes since 1978. Because I teach advanced level aerobics classes and play recreational hockey, it is imperative that I maintain excellent physical condition through strength and power training with a personal trainer. I have been training with Mark for the past three years and must say that his training techniques surpass that of all of my previous trainers. Mark has sound knowledge of kinesiology, physiology, and nutrition. He is continually working to improve as a personal trainer by attending fitness seminars and staying up to date with advancements in exercise science and nutrition. One of my favorite aspects of training with Mark is that he is always willing to educate and share new ideas with me. Yes, Mark has a plethora of knowledge, but what makes him an awesome trainer is his ability to communicate effectively. He can take any exercise and adapt it to a lower level or create more of a challenge. Mark’s training sessions are about the client’s goals. He is focused, attentive, and encouraging as we work toward my goals which include losing fat, skating faster, or improving power moves in my classes. I feel better than I have in ten years. I have fewer aches and injuries, a stronger body with better balance, and my diet is cleaner than ever! My husband and seventeen year old son (hockey player) also train with Mark. We all love and appreciate him very much. I strongly recommend Mark as your personal trainer. Connie Barnes

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