Cate's Nutrition Kitchen March Special

Method Athlete's nutrition partner Cate's Nutrition Kitchen has an exclusive offer available to ALL Method Athlete clients for the month of March! Contact Cate to schedule a FREE 30-minute phone consultation, and she will provide you with the nutrition support you need to get the results you deserve with your daily diet. Method Athlete Trainer Mark Norton just took advantage of Cate's bonus offer of a 1 & 1/2 hour nutrition coaching and grocery shopping session (now only $99). Mark was so impressed by Cate's wealth of knowledge, professionalism and personalized service that he described her as the BEST nutritionist he has ever worked with in his 18-year career!

CNK Special

Read Mark's testimonial: "Cate is the best nutritionist that I have worked with in my career. I have been in the personal training and fitness industry for 18 years, and I have been particularly impressed with Cate’s knowledge and expertise. She makes the information fun and relevant to the client, and she is adept at explaining how and why certain foods help the body. Cate’s incredibly professional and thorough approach makes the client feel empowered, informed and secure. Her hands-on method for nutrition coaching reinforces what she teaches. For example, Cate offers grocery shopping sessions to help her clients identify healthy food choices, and then teaches them how to cook the food that they buy. Nutrition is a lifestyle that has to be learned and must be easy to follow, compared to a diet where adherence to the program after weight loss is low. I have the utmost confidence that Cate will help you reach your health and wellness goals for today, as well as teach you healthy habits for the future." For more information about Cate's Nutrition Kitchen, including helpful tips and recipe ideas, visit

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